First off I want to remind everyone that Travis Hanson has only a few days left on his Kickstarter  for The Bean Vol 1 book.  Let’s see if we can send some fans his way huh?

A couple other things I want to mention… In case you haven’t seen it, Last week I finished two posters, one is an Art Deco style picture of the Carpathian coming over some mountains and can be seen here.
Art Deco Airship Zeppelin poster
The other poster I finished is a Bioshock: Infinite themed poster.  You can get the skinny on that one here.

Bioshock Infinite Vintage Style Poster Art

 Ok and last but not least I got a great package in the mail yesterday from a faithful reader who also happens to work with the Moffett Field Historical Society.  I opened it up and was amazed at all the great stuff inside.  Along with a patch from the squadron of Sparrowhawk pilots that were attatched to the USS Macon was a series of beautiful airship photographs.  Some of these have never been published before anywhere!!! Here are two of the unpublished pictures.  One is of some Sparrowhawks swarming under the USS Macon like “Busy Little Bees” as the photo contributor put it.  It is definitely one of my favorite airship pictures.  The other is an incredible angle of the Graf Zeppelin in 1929.  You would be hard pressed to find a better angle of an airship with crew and passengers.
Thanks again to Francisco Carvallo and the Moffett Field Historical Society

Graf Zeppelin Rare Photo 1929USS Macon Airship Docking Airplanes