Hello! I finally unpacked all my show stuff from San Diego Comic Con 2011. And in a few weeks I’ll be going to my next show, Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco.

In the meantime I have been very busy! I am working on my board game, and I just finished a new art deco style Airship poster which I’ll probably post later.  I also just got this Airship Messenger Bag back from the screen printer last week.  You might have seen it if you’re following the 19XX on Facebook.  Here is the link so you can see a close up.  I really like how the artwork came out. I was worried about some of the thinner lines coming through the screen.  I was especially worried about the angels holding up the airship but they look great! APE 2011 will probably be the first show where I have these for sale.  I also have some giant ammo box storage crates that should be ready next week, see I told you I was busy!