So if you’re reading this then you’ve probably noticed the Dagon who has showed up to the party. When I first started this story I was reading a lot of H.P. Lovecraft. There was one particular story where a bunch of hired thugs were firing at monsters with tommy guns. That image stuck with me and helped me to create this world where 1930s technology mixes with magic and the occult.

Anyway, Big news today. I am starting a big push to finish playtesting my boardgame: Assault on Ultima Thule. I launched a microsite for the game that can be found at There is also a new forum up. In a couple weeks is Strategicon and Protospiel West over here in LA. So I will be going to that with my boardgame in hand. If you happen to be in the area make sure and stop by for some play testing. In the meantime check out the new site! And keep an eye out for the latest game news!