Hello there,
If you are following us on Facebook then you already know the great news.  I was nominated for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer award!  It’s kind of ridiculous considering the other people who were nominated.  They are all awesome and all have a publisher.  I am self published so no one has heard of me, but now they will I guess huh? Well the award is handed out at the Eisner Awards Ceremony during San Diego Comic Con, so at one point there will be a room full of great comic book artists who will all at least have to hear my name called out among the list of nominees.

–Oh, a note about this week’s comic.  It marks the first appearance of the walking tank.  I am actually in the process of having a 6 inch tall prototype made.  If I can get it produced in time I will be painting it and bringing it to San Diego.  That’s my next convention by the way, in case you’re keeping track!